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Reading one of Clare Josa’s books? This is where to find the readers’ clubs – along with all the bonuses that come with your book.

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Readers’ Club: Dare to Dream Bigger

Bonus articles, videos, MP3s, interviews and other resources that come with the book Dare to Dream Bigger.

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A Year Full Of Gratitude Readers’ Club

Readers' club for A Year Full Of Gratitude. Weekly podcast. How-to videos for insights & breakthroughs. Kickstart your journey.

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Ditching Imposter Syndrome Readers’ Vault

Bonus videos, articles, MP3s & more for readers of Ditching Imposter Syndrome. How to finally feel good enough & lead with courage, confidence and passion.

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28 Day Meditation Challenge – Free Readers’ Club

Free resources to accompany the book: 28 Day Meditation Challenge. Includes MP3s for each week's meditation and a 23-minute guided relaxation.

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