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Something I’ve learned over the past 15+ years of creating self-study programmes is that one of the problems with them is lack of accountability. It’s easy to give up and nobody knows. The other is that you can’t get answers to your questions. And if you’re stuck with a question, your unconscious mind is more likely to stop you from working through the course.

Lots of people never complete them. That means you don’t get the result you wanted and you feel bad – and I feel bad…

So: given that I can’t physically sit next to you and take you through the content myself (you might not appreciate my kids distracting us!) I created a plan so cunning that Baldrick would give me a giant turnip for it (apologies to non-Blackadder-fans).

Students on my intermediate-level self-study courses get a full year’s access to my monthly student Q&A calls.

(My advanced courses aren’t self-study and have full Clare-time built in).

If that’s you, you’ll have had a welcome email about it when you signed up for your course. Not sure? Go to the training vault and click on the ‘intermediate courses’ button to see if your course shows up. There’s also a little icon below the picture on the course list page that tells you whether a course is foundation, intermediate or advanced.

If you’re on an intermediate course, you’ll get an email each month, to remind you of the date / time and to share that month’s call link.

You’ll also get a reminder a few weeks before your year finishes, so you know when your last call is.

If you sign up for another one of my intermediate courses during that time, your year’s access starts again. So we could get to hang out once a month, live, for yonks – as a regular part of your personal development support and accountability system.

The calendar for the upcoming live Q&A calls is below. Please make the most of these sessions!



I made a big decision a while back: These calls are not recorded, to protect your privacy, so you can ask any question you need to.

But if you genuinely can’t attend in person, we’ll record a short video of me answering your specific question and email it to you, if you let me know your question at least a few days in advance. Please do attend live if you can – you’ll get hotseat mentoring with me, as my gift.


The calls are a great way to deepen your understanding of what you have learned in your training and to get answers to your questions – and to celebrate your successes! I hope you find them useful.

The calendar is below.

x Clare

iCal Link